How can I cancel my hosting plan?

You can cancel your hosting plan by deleting your website.

Can my WordPress site send emails?

No. AWS has a strict policy to use its servers to send outbound emails. This is to prevent spam from being sent from AWS infrastructure. However, you can use popular WordPress plugins such as WP mail SMTP and Post SMTP Mailer to configure your email hosting provider's SMTP server to send emails.

What are the charges for overage?

Currently, we are not charging anything for the overage. But it is in our roadmap to enable it in the future.

Can I use other CDN provider for website?

Yes, you can, but to enable it we have to update domain records manually in our network. Just email us the details and we will do it.

Can I migrate my website from AWON to other host easily?

Yes. You can take a backup of your website and migrate it. Once you delete your website on AWON, all the data associated with it will be deleted automatically.