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WordPress hosting with CDN

Aakash @ July 8, 2022

WordPress hosting with CDN

WordPress websites can take advantage of Content Delivery Network (CDN) to improve their user experience. CDN service is nowadays included with many modern WordPress hosting providers, or you can configure it manually even if your hosting provider does not offer this service.

There are many CDN services that you can use, but a few popular services are the followings.

  1. Cloudflare
  2. AWS CloudFront
  3. Fastly

All of these services work similarly for most parts. But how actually they work is the main question and why it is important to have CDN service configured with your WordPress hosting.

How CDN service works

Most CDN service providers generally have servers running around the world. These servers are responsible to store the content of your website so that it can be served to the customer as soon as possible without contacting the server where your WordPress website is hosted.

Imagine that your WordPress website running in Singapore (Asia) and your customer is in the US. To read the content on your website, without CDN service in place, the request first needs to come to the Singapore server where your website is hosted to fetch the data.

During this request, data packets have to jump many networks to reach the destination. This adds lots of latency in the lifecycle of the request. The end result is your webpage takes a good amount of time to load the page.

Now imagine CDN service is configured for your website. With the above-given scenario, the first customer who requests your webpage from the US region still needs to make a request to your web hosting server in Singapore. However, this time webpage content will be stored on the US edge server. When the second customer tries to visit your webpage, this time content will be served directly from US Edge server. This reduces latency in your request significantly and also reduces page load time for your customer.

Sources: LoadStorm, Econsultancy

How AWON helps your WordPress website with AWS CloudFront CDN

All WordPress websites hosted with AWON are automatically configured with AWS CloudFront CDN service. AWS CloudFront not only works as CDN but also provide DDoS protection to your website.

On top of that, all your uploaded images in the media library are already set to serve with CloudFront CDN. With this, all enabled your webpage generally loads within 80 milliseconds.

The main advantage of AWS CloudFront over other services is that it has more than 310+ Edge servers across the globe to serve your content with minimum latency.

Also because your website is hosted in the AWS network, data from your Webhosting server to the CDN server travels internally through the AWS network rather than through normal internet routes. This improves the speed and security of your data in transit.

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