We are a customer-obsessed company with a mission to provide best-in-class WordPress hosting service with unmatched security, scalability, reliability, and flexibility. We are in a long game and we love AWS cloud.

Focused on 4 pillars


We prioritize security over anything else. No matter what, we are always vigilant of our network for any intrusion attempt.


Our customers have the advantage of AWS's powerful serverless architecture designed specifically to host the WordPress website. Each component of our network can scale independently on demand.


We have focused on fault tolerance from the beginning and that is why we spread the website workload over multiple availabilities zones.


We want our system to be as flexible as it can for our customers. For this reason, we allow our customers to have multiple methods of access to the files and database of their WordPress website.

We have a global network

We serve in almost all AWS regions.

US East (N. Virginia)
US East (Ohio)
US West (N. California)
US West (Oregon)
Asia Pacific (Mumbai)
Asia Pacific (Seoul)
Asia Pacific (Singapore)
Asia Pacific (Sydney)
Canada (Central)
Europe (Frankfurt)
Europe (Ireland)
Europe (London)
Europe (Paris)

We are customer obsessed

We believe that customer's success is our success. We determined to provide the highest quality support to our customers.

We love WordPress

We are WordPress pros and we love WordPress CMS, and community we strive to take WordPress to the next level.

We are agile

We are continuously evolving and upgrading ourselves with new AWS services we can offer to our customers. We learn, experiment , and explore so our customers can use cutting-edge cloud services.

Deploy your WordPress to the cloud.