Serverless WordPress cloud hosting on AWS®

Cloud WordPress Hosting on Amazon Web Services: Scalable, secure, and highly durable WordPress web hosting on AWS. Your site will be up 24/7 with a 99.999% server uptime using multiple geographic locations and redundant platforms built specifically for cloud hosting.

WordPress cloud hosting on AWS

We don't settle for less, so why should you.

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WordPress cloud hosting with AWS’s scale

Managed AWS environment

Everything you need to securely host, manage and scale your WordPress sites with ease. Your sites are as important to us as they are to you, that's why we're proud to use best-of-class AWS infrastructure that's secure, scalable, and resilient.

Peace of mind

A WordPress cloud hosting platform built on AWS. We have a strong belief that the best way to create optimal quality WordPress hosting is to utilize the reliable and scalable infrastructure provided by AWS. Our service is fast, automated, scalable, secure, and backed up with outstanding customer support. We strive day in and day out to exceed your expectations.

Distributed architecture

Our unique Amazon Web Services(AWS) based distributed network of servers, located at multiple points of presence around the globe provides you 99.999% uptime with fully managed WordPress hosting. We have been built from the ground up to provide everything you’ll need to run your business and websites on Amazon's amazing infrastructure.


WordPress solutions

eCommerce Website on WordPress

One Website

Each website runs in its own Virtual Private Cloud. It means your website network is completely separate from other websites, even in your account. This guarantees ultimate security for the network traffic of your website.

WordPress hosting with VPC

Serverless Database

We use the AWS Aurora Serverless database engine. That means your website can scale to hundreds of database connections when needed.

WordPress with serverless DB


By default, each website runs on at least two availability zones. This increases the reliability of your website by automatically routing traffic to another availability zone if one fails.


Your website traffic is protected by AWS Web Application Firewall technology. Each request to your website will be scrutinized for potential malicious attempts of hacking.


Global CDN

We use AWS CloudFront CDN to deliver the traffic to your customer with minimum latency. CloudFront has around 310+ pop locations around the world to cache your website’s static & dynamic content. So it delivered in sub-milliseconds latency to your customers.

WordPress hosting with CDN


You can connect to the GitHub repo of your website. We will automatically create a deploy pipeline so whenever you make a commit, we will deploy your latest code to our runtimes.


Really simple website management portal.

  • - Easy to understand

  • - Simple interface

  • - View website metrics that matters



30 days money back guarantee.



website / Month


AWS standard DDoS protection.
Maximum scaling capacity upto 2 runtimes
Instance based database with auto healing technology.
Disk storage for WordPress core files, plugins and uploads.
In addition to disk storage, alternatively you can store wp-content/uploads media in S3 storage.
US East (N. Virginia)
US East (Ohio)
US West (N. California)
US West (Oregon)
Asia Pacific (Mumbai)
Asia Pacific (Seoul)
Asia Pacific (Singapore)
Asia Pacific (Sydney)
Canada (Central)
Europe (Frankfurt)
Europe (Ireland)
Europe (London)
Europe (Paris)
Your website content will be served through AWS CloudFront CDN.
Your website runtimes span across at least two availability zones (AZs).
We will encrypt all in-transit network traffic through the auto generated SSL certificate.
You can configure your WordPress repository to deploy the latest code automatically on your website runtimes.
We will create automatic daily backups for files (up to 35 days).
We will encrypt all the data in rest and in transit by AWS best in class encryption technology. Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) per website gurantees packet level encryption of all the traffic in network up to the container level.
Access your files or database through secure SSH connection.



website / Month


Most popular

Everything in Individual+

Each website will have its own Web Application Firewall to scrutinized all potential malicious requests.
Maximum scaling capacity upto 10 runtimes
We will create automatic daily backups for files (up to 35 days) and database (up to 7 days) separately. If something goes wrong you can restore your website easily.


Enterprise grade secure infrastructure


Infinitely scalable


Designed for failover

GitHub integration

Integrate with GitHub

Global CDN

Distribute your content globally


Protected by Web Application Firewall

User-friendly admin portal
60 days money back guarantee
Email support
PHP 8.1
Encrypted everywhere
Custom domain
Your data stays in your region
Serverless architecture
No AWS knowledge required

Integrate with your IT infrastructure.

VPN connection or VPC peer-to-peer access.
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